P.K.R. Jain Sen. Sec. Public School aims and dedicates itself to promoting excellence in every sphere. The primary goal is to focus and foster interest and passion for life long active learning because knowledge itself is limitless and spread over like the cosmos. We believe in encouraging and imbibing in the children lateral as well as creative thinking. Our school proudly commemorates 30 years of unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of education.

It is imperative that the children learn to develop a sense of pride in our nation and learn to respect our national symbols. Schools are foundation for posterity of every nation. We at PKR strive to create an environment where in the students learn and develop a deep sense of national pride, respect for every religion and our multi cultural society.

Our Education Model

Our Infrastructure

It's often said that, "We shape our buildings; thereafter , they shape us".

  • Building

    While designing our learning spaces we made sure we design our infrastucture as spaces that aids and enhances the educational experience of a child.

  • Laboratory

    Theory is incomplete without practical. The school provides neatly arranged and modern laboraties which we have been upgrading continually.

  • Library

    “A Library is not a luxury, but one of the necessities of living”. We believe that library plays an integral role in teaching and learning process.

  • Creative Corner

    Creative activities generate curiosity in child’s brain. At Creative Corner, we provide a space to our students to spend some time exploring their hobbies.

  • Sports

    We encourage our students to take part in their favorite sports by compulsory allocating a few periods every week.

  • Transport

    The School buses have been equipped with GPS App, an app where the parents can view the videos of his/her ward travelling in the school bus from home to school.

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