Computer Lab

Welcome to the innovative computer laboratories at our schools! We take great satisfaction in giving our students access to cutting-edge facilities that will help them develop their technological abilities. Our computer labs are furnished with state-of-the-art hardware and software, ensuring a vibrant learning environment.

IP Lab:

The Information Practise (IP) lab was developed to meet the requirements of students studying information technology. Thanks to revolutionary software and hardware resources, students can practise using programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and more. In order to prepare students for future challenges in the digital world, the IP lab promotes creativity and critical thinking.

 CS Lab:

The Computer Science (CS) lab serves as a hub for exploring various aspects of computer science and software development. Students can engage in coding, software design, web development, and database management. The lab is equipped with high-performance computers, enabling students to work on complex programming projects and develop practical solutions.

 Junior Lab:

Our junior computer lab is designed specifically to fulfil the needs of our younger students. It offers a secure and interesting setting for children to study the fundamentals of computers, investigate instructional applications, and take part in interactive learning exercises. A smooth transition into the world of technology is ensured by the labs age-appropriate hardware and software.

 Senior Lab:

The senior computer lab was created to meet the sophisticated needs of our senior students. It provides specialised information and resources for studying advanced programming languages, AI and  machine learning. Students can explore real-world applications and work together on multidisciplinary projects, improving their problem-solving skills and preparing for higher education or professional employment in the computer industry.




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